Cioccolato Collection

About the Brand

​Inspired by a city that runs on star power, the Cioccolato Collection is a ready-to-wear luxury atelier that embodies Miami’s diverse beauty and the sensual nature of the modern woman. Manufactured internationally but produced locally in Miami, the Collection is highlighted by bold artistic elements infused with avant-garde designs. Curated from the high-gloss richness of some of the worlds finest quality fabrics the attention to detail in each piece is easily recognizable.
​The line is designed for she who appreciates quality, comfort, and practicality, but wish to remain both sexy and seductive. Containing a range of playful palettes – from red, blue, green, and yellow hues... to decadent & delicious chocolate-cream pieces keeps the brand inclusive with an independent spirit. It’s a brand true to its vision – to remain built on artistic excellence, superb craftsmanship, edgy designs symbolizing elegance and the 305’s unique joie de vivre.